Add a Numpad Key Action

Would be nice to be able to map numpad keys without a physical keyboard to record it.

Useful for a couple of pro apps.

OOOH yes, Adobe again!
Not only numpads, but a actually, why not virtual keyboard alltoghetther??

Adobe often has add-ons that ONLY work with an US American keypad and well, if you have a non-american keypad it would be too great, to be able setting keypad commands in the BTT mimicking actual American keypad

Maybe we could "copy paste" the actual keys.

In German keypad to do "+" you need to do shift + 1
But that won't work as a shortcut in Adobe, that requires a direct click on +
So if we could configure buttons that do that, this would be the killer.

Upvoted and Hoping...

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This would also be great for Blender. It has two useful actions, view camera and align camera to view, bound to numpad 0 and ⌘+⌥+numpad 0. I can't figure out how to create a binding for these without plugging in an external keyboard, which I don't have!

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