Add a button-like option with the area behind the notch. Trigger Actions.

I've seen the new feature of Notch Bar, and I think it's a very clever idea!

I think something we can add is to convert the area that is behind the notch (the non-visible area) into a "Button" or trigger area. So, when we hover in the notch it will display like a button hover, and add triggers, like click, 2 finger click, 3 finger click, and so on there. This will allow to work with that and have functionality as in the following scenarios:

1.- User has the notch activated, when the cursor is moved in the notch area, a glowing effect appears on the adjacent pixels showing that we're in the notch area. If we click, we trigger an action.

2.- When double click on the notch area, we toggle between notch and top bar.

3.- When we position the mouse in the notch area, we do 3 fingers click to trigger an action.

4.- If we do 2 fingers swipe in the notch area we can go in different notch layers (like having different notch areas that we can scroll)

Just some ideas that might help to improve the Notch bar experience.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Great idea!

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