Activate RETURN key only if certains conditions are met?

As many, I ave a qwerty keyboards but set-up as international so I can write in French and using the "+i for ï or the `+e for è. Or event this last one: '+e = é

However, this one is tricky, as ' is right next to RETURN. And in chat apps, I can mistekenly press return instead of ' or ", sending my incomplete message to my recipient.

Is there a way, when using chat apps like Telegram or What's App, to make this RETURN key only working id either :

  • double pressed RETURN consequtively
  • RETURN is pressed if no other keys where pressed within a 1 second span ?
  • RETURN is pressed for more than 2 seconds
  • Or any good criteria you might find clever?

For now, I just de-activated it using an empty action, but it's not ideal.

Thank you everyone !

You can disable Return as a shortcut in a certain app (Return = does nothing = no action) then set up a key sequence, double pressed Return = Return. Best with the action insert typed text.

Or if you prefer, Return short press = does nothing. Return long press (2 seconds) = Return.

I tried the long press setup, as per this thread

and I activated thr HUD to see if triggered. So the shortcut is trigerred, but nothing happen ?

I tried the Key sequence, and, instead of pressing enter the RETURN key assigned action has the effect of delecting the last 2 letters I wrote...

There is something I dont get...

Disable the undo :wink:

Maybe it would be more practical to remap ´ to some other key?

Maybe, but double pressed Return works fine. :sunglasses:

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okay it resolved the deleting thing, but now my HUD is telling me the shortcut is triggered while not sending the RETURN key... I'm losing it ^^

How could do that?

If you have disabled the return key, sending it via BTT will not work. That's why @frank1 recommended to use the paste text action (just add a new line to the textbox)

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do you do this with this action?

Oh, right !
So, I did it, now when double pressing RETURN it's adding a new line in my text (what's app/ telegram), instead of sending the message. I'm getting a bit lost on a way to act it properly

By the way, thank you so much for your help

Not sure I understand. It doesn't do what you want? I don't have these apps and can't test.