Activate BTT Shortcut through Shortcut App

Hi there,

I need to activate a BTT shortcut through the Apple Shortcut App to be able to activate this shortcut through Siri. Siri has the possibility to activate Shortcut App through voice command and if I can activate the BTT shortcut through the Shortcut App I'll be able to activate BTT shortcuts through voice commands. So how can I integrate BTT shortcuts to Shortcut App?

Thanks for your help.

The easiest way is to setup a named trigger in BTT, then call it with the "Execute Named Trigger" action in the shortcuts app.

Thanks for your answer. I tried it this way, but if I ran the shortcut in Shortcut App BetterTouchTools gets closed unexpectedly. This is what happens.

What can I do?

Are you sure the entered trigger name is correct?
Which version of BTT are you running?

Yes it is correct. Version: 4.069

Ok, I think I got the problem. I used to activate a shortcut by Shortcut App in my BTT shortcut. After that I wanted to activate the BTT shortcut through Shortcut App and this can't be done, if Shortcut is already running a shortcut to activate BTT. Now I fixed it, the part to activate a program I used to tell my shortcut in Shortcut app through AppleScript. The rest is done by BTT and it works. Thank you anyway.

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