Action to toggle between Standard function keys and Mac standard features

Action to toggle function key (Fn1... Fn12) action between the printed actions on the keys and standard F keys.
Level 1: Just toggle all keys between these two functions. (at least this ! so will be possible to assign a shortkey to this toggle)
Level 2: Do this automatically, per app

In MacOS Sonoma this toggle is buried in: System Settings -> Keyboard -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Functions keys

I use the tool for this and it works perfectly:

But perhaps there is also an ON-Board function for this in BTT.

PS: It is an Intel / Silicon binary

Thanks, it works, however there are many apps for many of the BTT functions, why not to do this also via BTT? shouldn't be that difficult.

I'm also wondering if this is possible. If I can replace 2 tools and end up with one I'm all in. I have already replaced Moom and MultiTouch, which are great BTW, with BTT but there are still some functionalities I would like to get with BTT. This one is one of them, so I could ditch Fluor, which only works properly with Apple Keyboards. The other one it's on another topic here, I would also like to replace Auto-Raise.
Oh, and also awesome would be for any keystroke tool to be able to show BTT configured shortcuts.

I have actually just created a new predefined action "Set/Change Function Key Mode". It will be included with the next version of BTT.

Currently you could already achieve it but it would require quite a bit of setup.

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What to say! a Big Thank you!
I think I can wait but, it would also be awesome to know how to build this up!

The action is now included in 4.397 alpha (uploading now), would be great if you'd test it:

Wow, thanks !!!