Action: Switch to last app

Wasn't there once a predefined action "go/switch to last/previous app" (or something). Or is it just my imagination, anyway I can't find it anymore. I know I could use cmd+tab, but that doesn't work well in a macro because I don't use the macos to switch between apps. I try to replace the red action.


I think you might remember this from the "Send shortcut to specific app" action, which let's you switch back to the app that was active before sending the shortcut - but that won't help in this case.

I could easily add this action though, as BTT always keeps track of the previous active app.

Yes, that was exactly it!

Das wäre wunderbar. Vielen Dank, Andreas :smiley:

Sorry, is there any news here?

yep, I think you can use the new "Activate Previous App / Window" action.

Yes, works perfectly, thanks a lot!