Action picker control, or mouse-less interaction with NotchBar

I no longer have a computer with a Touch Bar sadly. I've seen the NotchBar thing, but that doesn't appeal to me the same way a Touch Bar does. I don't like having to move my mouse around for that stuff.

Consider this UI from Pastebot. Once you trigger it, you can simply press a number 1-9 to trigger the associated text and paste it. If you really need to, you can also start typing to find something further down the list.

What I really want is something like that, where I can trigger an action to make a control appear and then press a number to trigger a specific action.

However, if NotchBar could be made to work like that, where numbers could appear next to each button and pressing a number could trigger the button's action, that would work too I suppose!

There are several ways to do what you want.

The closest thing to your old Touch Bar is to use the free Touché app. It provides a virtual Touch Bar on your screen.

Use BTT to create Touch Bar buttons and position the Touché strip exactly above the F-Keys. Now you can trigger any BTT action with the physical F-Keys.