'Act as Hyperkey' action got lost in recent update

I just upgraded to version 4.494 and noticed a new bug:
When searching for the 'Act as Hyperkey' action, it doesn't show up anymore. I do have a hyperkey action in my BTT backup and that works upon importing it. I just experimented with deleting and recreating it and noticed that I can't recreate it.

I upgraded mainly due to this recent fix:

  • Fixed Hyper Key issue that caused the optional named trigger to not execute when releasing the Hyper Key.

Because before I noticed that every time I released the hyperkey, it would still perform the action as if it was pressed. This fix seemed to have fixed that issue.

that action is only available for the capslock key, do you have that set already?

Ah you are right, if I first select the key stroke to be capslock, then the options shows up in the menu. A little hidden, but if you know it's fine :smile:

Btw, thanks for the recent update, it's definitely improved the hyperkey experience in general. I actually had another issue than described in the release notes:

Rather than the named trigger not executing upon releasing the hyperkey, I had the issue that the hyperkey was still applied after I release it. So say I have some other keyboard shortcut that is hyperkey + a. Sometimes I would press the hyperkey without using it and then start typing something into a textfield that might start with the letter a, then it would apply the hyperkey + a action, even though the hyperkey wasn't pressed anymore. This could even be a long time (like a minute) after the hyperkey was released.
And since essentially the entire alphabet on my keyboard is some hyperkey action, it would always execute random things depending on the starting letter of what I typed next :smile:

This was fixed in one of the recent updates without it being mentioned in the release notes, so I figured it was a side effect of the release note entry I mentioned above.

So thank you! :clap:t3: