Accordance Bible Software Trigger Preset

This is a set of triggers for use in Accordance Bible Software (140.6 KB)

It has many different triggers. You will want to disable the ones you don't use. I'd suggest turning off the Control Strip to give more room for the Accordance-specific triggers.
The list of triggers include:

  • New tab… various
  • Copy as… various
  • Toggle Library
  • Toggle Instant Details
  • Change current field
  • Bookmark selection
  • Highlight selection
  • Global font size up / down
  • Previous / Next Hit
  • Context Increase / Decrease
  • Reader View Toggle
  • Display as Paragraph / Verses
  • Search selection on the web
  • Lookup selection in lexicon
  • New Workspace
  • Duplicate Current Tab
  • Get Verses… function
  • An AppleScript to simply paste the current selection in the open TextEdit window (this is simple to change to Word or Pages, etc.)

awesome preset!
do you know how to get the daily verse from and display it on the Touch Bar?

Getting the text onto BTT should be straightforward, but I don't see how to pull it from the website. Maybe by subscribing and then pulling it off of the most recent email from them? I doubt would parse well.

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