Accessing Play/Pause in iTunes when the screensaver is active?

Howdy All:

Is there any way to use BTT to access at a minimum play/pause in iTunes when the apple screensaver is active ( e.g. so that when you are cooking or whatever you don't have to log in to be able to pause the music)?

EDIT: Ignore this - it seems that BTT continues to run with the screensaver. My screensaver (Screensleeves) was intercepting the Apple Remote triggers - enabling its "Ignore Apple Remote" checkbox fixed the issue for me: allowing the triggers to instead be handled by BTT.

I have the same question - seems BTT quits while the screensaver is active and relaunches after the screensaver is deactivated. I'm using the plastic Apple Remote to control a bunch of things via BTT, but my triggers stop working when the screensaver starts.