Ability to save notch bar button styles / templates

I know I can use copy and paste but I'd love to have button templates. Especially since I'm sure others have made far better ones than I have.

Once I've changed one, I'd like the change to cascade to all my buttons of that template.

I just logged on to make this feature request and realised I'd already done it?
Does no one else want this? Surely it's a pain to configure the way a button looks every time? The font size, the colours etc. I'd love to be able to save templates.

I am not sure and I have not tested it. But maybe you can do what you want with a "template preset" that you import when needed.

Do you know HTML/CSS? If so, you could create a class describing the style of your element and add it in ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool/NotchBar/BTTNotchBarUser.css

This class could then be applied to your elements and they would all change whenever you update the class.

But this is only feasible if you like to tinker with HTML/CSS and maybe a little JS

I can do html and css but no js.
Would there be a dropdown where I can select my class?
I think I'll give it a shot but if, say, I have five different class definitions, do you think you could add a dropdown menu that has each named? Easier to remember :wink: