Ability to add Control Strip to own TouchBars

In a case when I just want to have some buttons on TouchBar for app that does not support it currently I'm facing a situation when I'm loosing control strip. In that case I have to add my own controls that wouldn't behave the same way.

It would be great to have ability to add system Control Strip to any custom touch bar for any given app.

I don't understand, isn't this the default behavior of BTT?

Oh. My. God.

You're right. I forgot about that setting! Sorry for wasting your time :slight_smile:

Oh I remembered what was the issue with this setting. There is (X) button before ESC then and that makes eveything slightly harder since ESC button is moved.

Is there a possibility to add widget that would be system ControlStrip so we could make a workaround for this issue in that way?

By default globally defined actions will always be shown, so if you create your own little control strip with the features you need, and add them to the globals, it should work like this.

Yup, that is clear but it seems that there is no way to link default system Control Strip behavior with custom made one in BTT. I mean that even if I would manage to copy every single Control Strip behavior to BTT then still there would be "my" control strip and system one so if I would change one of them then second one would not change.

I know that there is no way to disable (X) button when Control Strip is enabled for custom Touch Bar so basically what I am asking here is if there is a way to copy system control strip as a widget WITHOUT manually recreating every single one action?

Andreas, BTT is first app that I've bought right after I've uprgraded my old macbook ignoring any trial period. You made one of most helpful app so this post here is not a complaint - rather a thinking loud with "outside the box" approach to this case :slight_smile:

unfortunately BTT can not reuse the system control strip in its own touch bars.
What I could do however is to add a control strip widget that is at least similar to the system one.

If there is no way to reuse system one then maybe there is no need to waste your time :slight_smile: