A simple timer widget for your touchbar!

Future – Timer Preset

I made a timer preset using code from @Caliguvara's BLueBiRD preset, and based off a picture @yuuiko posted.

  • Open the group to show timers.
  • Select one to highlight it.
  • Press start to start the timer!
  • To reset the timer, hold the timer widget.

To (hopefully) do:

  • Make an actual alarm sound play when the timer is done.
  • Menu bar icon that triggers all timers from there.

Download here:
Future – Timer Preset.bttpreset (1007.0 KB)

If anyone wants, I can post a short written tutorial on how to create your own timer with how long you want it to be.

Future – Timer Preset v2

What's new?

  • Includes a menu bar icon that you can select the duration from, and displays the remaining time from there! Click it to see a dropdown box with the timers on it, then right click to stop the timer.

Untitled 3

Download here:
Future – Timer Preset.bttpreset (1007.0 KB)

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