A number of issues.. where do I begin?

I just got a new Apple silicon macbook pro. I bought the latest version of BTT... maybe some of these issue have to do with buggy as sh*t ventura. but here we go...

  1. BTT settings > User Interface. Increase font size by... does not increase font size in settings window. Just everything else. The settings window still have tiny font that is very annoying.

  2. I want to permanently get rid of the stupid notch. I don't undertstand how this can be achieved. I clicked on Enable notch/custom action bar support. I just always want it to be black. How do I do that?

  3. How can I create a keyboard shortcut that will change some system settings. Like I'd like to change the toggle for the F keys to function as F keys and switch a couple of the modifier keys around in system settings with a single keyboard shortcut. Is this possible?

  4. Some apps will not snap to edge of screen. I.E. Little Snitch rules window... could've sworn there was another one but that is the only one so far that I can tell that ignores the BTT snapping completely. If you drag it to the top it'll just try to go to a new space, like the macOS default action.