A life update + returning to development!

Hi there, everyone! It's been a while since I've posted any updates here, and I've been meaning to for a few months now. I have some big life updates to share that explain my absence :slight_smile: plus, I want to simply confirm that I am working on an update for GoldenChaos-BTT and that development hasn't ceased, even if Apple has killed the Touch Bar.

What actually caused my absence was that, a few months prior to Apple killing the Touch Bar, I realized that I was trans. I now go by Jess and my pronouns are she/her btw :slight_smile:

In any case, the transition ended up being distracting, to put it mildly... :sweat_smile: so when Apple did kill the Touch Bar, I kept meaning to post an update reassuring everyone that development would continue. But I ended up taking too long and then got wrapped up in starting a new job.

However, now I feel like things in my life have stabilized to the point where I can reasonably commit to updating GC-BTT regularly again :slight_smile: I still have some really cool things I want to do on the Touch Bar, and I also want to do something with the notch. TBD what that looks like haha.

Finally, thank you everyone for continuing to use and enjoy GC-BTT :heart: even if Apple has given up on the Touch Bar, I haven't, and I will continue trying to prove that their idea was correct and only held back by poorly executed software. Who knows, maybe one day Apple will make a Touch Bar 2 with a new, suspiciously familiar UI :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi Jess,

congratulations on your new life and thanks for the update! Sounds like a pretty exciting year :slight_smile:

Let's see what Apple comes up with next. I don't yet believe they completely gave up on the Touch Bar idea, but if there is a next generation I'd assume it'd be quite different than the previous iteration. Let's see :slight_smile:


I wish you a good start in your new life and many good encounters with people who are self-confident enough to let others be how they feel.

I miss the Touch Bar too, so I created my own. Not exactly the same, but BTT and Touché can be used to imitate almost anything. And if you put Touché over the F keys, you even have physical keys that you can short press, long press, or change their function with modifiers. And all with visual support provided by colorful buttons created in BTT.

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Welcome Back Jess!

Glad you haven't abandoned this :slight_smile:


its great to see this :slight_smile:
Thank you :slight_smile:

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