A few styling questions

Hey there, I have a few questions, or if not possible, suggestions.

  1. See screenshot of the touch bar, and find the 2-pointed-arrow in red. Tell me that space between the "Windows Controls" text and the next icon can be minimized? I already aligned text right and icon left, but still, there is too much space. "Windows Controls" text should rather appear as a "label" for the coming few icons to its right - I use a button for it right now, as there seem not any method to give a label to icons on their left anyway. Is it somehow possible to minimize these gaps further?

  2. Are there placeholders that can be used in the Name of Touchbar buttons, for example, {AppName} where {AppName} would be replaced by the currently active (under mouse) app name?
    This could be used for things like a dynamic label for anything, such as "Close {AppName}" (see screenshot the "X close" button)

  3. Again space - between any Touchbar Button icon and its touch bar Button Label (if shown), is too wide, how can we control that?

Thanks for any hints :slight_smile:

  1. Select the button and give the "Extra Padding (inside) some negative value.

  2. I guess that could be achieved with some Applescript widgets that display the name of the App under the curser. The triggered actions could be setup as usual. These scripts would have to run quite frequently though in order to display "life" what's happening, and I wonder what this would do to performance/battery life especially on "lightweight" hardware.

  3. Try again to setup the "Extra Padding (inside)". I'm not aware of any other way to setup the space of the button, but to create two buttons actually (one just with the icon, the second with the label).

Hope this helps you :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks, inside padding helps hacking something together, additionally to negative after-button space if needed.

Will dig into AppleScript for #2 then...


fixed button width == negative padding
This will cut the button perfectly at begin and end of the button name (hence a neat label).