9 Video Tutorial Series for Better Touch Tool [From Beginner to Advanced]

Hey all! Over the past few months I have been putting together a full video series of tutorials. There is a solid range of topics including in-depth tutorials for beginners, intermediates, cool tips & tricks, and preset reviews. I'll continue to update this post as I produce more content for Better Touch Tool. And if the videos helped you out, subscribe to the channel to get updated on future videos =). Hope these guys enjoy these!

Overview [4 minutes]

In-Depth Tutorial #1 - Beginners [31 minutes]

In-Depth Tutorial Response Q&A [27 minutes]

In-Depth Tutorial #2 - Advanced Topics. [20 minutes]

Custom Trackpad Gestures [14 minutes]

Automated Typing [4 minutes]

AquaTouch In-Depth Review (To be updated very soon) [11 minutes]

Trackpad Volume Knob [6 minutes]

MacOS Control Center Review [14 minutes]

Thank you for these! Found some of them on youtube a while ago, they're really helpful!

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Thanks Camel, glad they helped you!

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