6+ snapping actions for 4k monitors

for 4k monitors it would be great if i could make shortcut for new actions
not snapping to 1/4 corners but to 1/6 corner
so i can snap the window to the left/right third, but it would be great to be able to snap it to :

  • left third - top/bottom
  • right third - top/bottom
  • central third -top/botom
    so the screen would be divided to 6 sectors

you can use the custom move /resize action to do this!

i discovered that snap areas are even more convenient - thank you for the great tool!


@Andreas_Hegenberg I can't seem to make it work. I choose 66% width 50% height for the top left corner but the window sticks to the top edge of the screen. How to make it use bottom right sixth? Basically it doesn't matter what I put in Change y origin to field. The window is always placed on the top edge of the screen.

The y value is increasing from bottom to top. If you make the window at left corner of the screen as it shows in your screenshot and want the window re-position to center of the screen, you need to specify a negative y value.