5 Finger Swipe Gestures Don't Work as Expected on Monterey


When I use 5 Finger Swipe Up/Down the system tries to perform the system actions for the respective 4-finger gestures (Mission Control or App Expose) for a second and then performs the actually configured 5 Finger gesture.

In the attached video I use 4 Fingers Up (MacOS

default) gesture and then try to use configured in BTT 5 Fingers Up gesture with the "Test" HUD.
How it used to work: the Mission Control is not triggered when I use 5 Fingers Up. Now it is.

It applies to 5 Finger Gestures to any of the 4 directions.
If there's a system action for a respective 4 Finger Gesture, then it is triggered when I use a 5F gesture as well.

Just tried with:

  • The latest alpha version installed
  • Computer restarted
  • On Macbook Air (M1) on Monterey

if you want to use the five finger swipes in BTT you also need to configure the four finger swipes in BTT and disable the system ones.

Thanks, I'll try.
Question though: It was working perfectly fine before Monterey with the standard gestures on. Is this something related to the new OS then?

Mhh there definitely have been macOS versions where it was necessary to disable the system gestures before, but it is possible that there were differences. I don't remember what it was like on Big Sur because I had disabled the system gestures immediately.

The problem is, BTT can not access the internal gesture state of macOS, they are fully separate (apart from pinch & rotate). Thus the system won't know what BTT does and will execute its standard algorithms (which currently seem to trigger four finger swipes when doing 5 finger swipes as well)

That's what I thought, thanks!
Replaced the standard gestures, everything seems to work.

BTW, just bought your new license and wanted to say thanks for this app, I seriously cannot imagine my life without lots of custom gestures I can do on a trackpad with BTT.
Awesome app!

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