3F swipe - "Swipe between full-screen apps"

Straight from the track pad settings in system preferences, I'm trying desperately to figure out how to emulate the 3 finger swipe to switch between full screen apps/desktops. I cannot get a keyboard shortcut to emulate this function. I tried various keyboard shortcuts in the keyboard settings for "3F swipe right (page forward)" but I'm guessing this is not what it was meant for.

My end goal is to have a keyboard short cut that will emulate this action, and tie that to my programmable mouse (I have a scroll wheel that can be tilted left and right and these are not regular mouse buttons so all I can do is program them to simulate a keyboard shortcut).

Any ideas how to do this? I'm at a loss!

BTT has a predefined action that does allow to switch one desktop left / right, I think this should do what you need

Nevermind I think I solved it, I was able to get it to work after swiping, but as soon as I clicked on a window or just on the desktop it would stop working, almost like it was a focus issue. I played with some more settings turned of something and its working, I honestly dont know what caused it to work in the end. I think I might have had something checked to be disabled in finder.

Nope I spoke too soon, the keyboard shortcut for move left a space move right a space does not work depending on the app that is full screened. Example, if I end up swiping right to a full screen that happens to be microsoft remote desktop, it stops working because I'm guessing windows is taking over. However 3F swiping left right ALWAYS works to switch between full screen apps and desktops. No matter what app is full screened.

Ah yes, if the app in front grabs keyboard input that's indeed a limitation. Unfortunately I think there is no fix for that (Three finger swipes can not be created programatically).

OK thanks for your replies! I was able to get it to work without using BTT. I had to set the shortcut in system preferences in the mac. This can be closed.