3F Swipe Left and HTML scrolling tables

I have decided to use BTT's 3F Swipe Left instead of a built-in Safari swipe back gesture because BTT's one is faster.

There's one caveats which interferes with HTML tables that have horizontal scroll (left-right), so right when I try scrolling to the left in order to see table contents, Page Back triggers.

Are there any BetterTouchTool built-in ways to ignore the action if the mouse is hovered on the HTML table or will I need to implement JavaScript code right before running the action to set the variable by which BetterTouchTool will know whether or not to run that action?


Are you using a two finger swipe to trigger this action?

I think it's not really feasible to connect the scrolling state of a UI element to the gesture triggering. It could in theory be possible to achieve this with the new trigger conditions, but BTT would need to evaluate the state of the UI element on every scroll. This would cause a significant performance hit I believe.

Two finger swipe, exactly.

Yes, I am also worried about the performance if this was implemented. I'm still thinking of a way to work around this. Thanks.

I could still try this with hovered_element_details, though.