3F Swipe Gesture Not Working

Tried everything. Looked at every post. If i assign Button 3 to "3F swipe left", it doesn't do anything.

  • BTT is always active. (Not Closed).
  • I've check system preferences, and it is set to 3 fingers.
  • Tried disabling it in preferences, and created a trackpad gesture on BTT to 3F swipe. Doesn't work at all.

This only works in some apps on modern macOS as it can only emulate the old discrete 3 finger swipe gesture.
It might be better to trigger the function you need using the predefined action "Trigger Menubar Menu Item" or by triggering the relevant keyboard shortcut.

what function would you recommend works similar to the 3F swipe gesture? Im trying to modify my mouse button to work as a 3F swipe action

Hi did you ever get an answer? I have the same ask.