3 issues around "Repeat Delay"

Describe the bug

  1. Exporting and importing preset doesn't import Repeat Delay for Keyboard shortcuts correctly, i.e., it becomes 0 after importing. (I looked into the exported .bttpreset file; the data seems to be in there: just not imported)
  2. Editing "Repeat Rate" and "Repeat Delay" with slider is okay, but when using the field to type, it saves weird: you have to press enter to save, clicking the "save" button doesn't save (I guess it's because the "state" of the input area was not updated while the cursor is still blinking in it). (This is with old UI)
  3. New UI is even weirder, it doesn't save even after you press Enter. It's because when you finish editing, a window pops up to ask you to save. But editing the text field doesn't let the window pop up. I guess the save window is not necessary.

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you didn't provide your btt version, but I think this is already fixed in the current release

it's 2.850 (1130).

Try checking for updates, then you should get 2.872!

Will see. Thx! I'll provide more advices later if any.