3-finger tap snaps app to left half of the screen, but that gesture is not set in BTT... how to fix?

Yes, it's definitely BTT doing the snapping (if BTT is close, no snapping takes place.

Here are all my trackpad shortcuts:

I tried to add a 3-finger tap and just assign it to a mouse click, but the snapping persists!!

have a look at the “recently used” section in BTT, there everything that has triggered recently is listed

thanks for this @Andreas_Hegenberg

unfortunately, nothing comes up when I do a 3-finger tap. all other things (e.g. 3-finger click) register/ show up in the recents immediately.

like I said, the strange 3-finger tap behaviour is definitely driven by BTT (if BTT is killed, 3-finger tapping does nothing)

mhh if it’s not showing there I don’t think BTT is triggering it. Maybe some other app that uses BTT and triggers it externally? Or is it maybe the three finger click and not tap that’s causing it?

I'm pretty sure that a while back I had some tippy tap gestures to snap windows around.

Might it be somehow retaining some of that?

(I have no other apps that are downstream of BTT for gestures)