3-finger tap on multiple files selected in Finder opens only one

I created a Finder trigger, a 3-finger tap on my Apple Magic trackpad. The result is two keystrokes: ⌥a followed by a. They are triggers for Keyboard Maestro.

If I type the keystrokes myself, Keyboard Maestro opens the Finder selection in Affinity Photo, and the 3-finger tap almost works, with one discrepancy. If the Finder selection is multiple images, the manual keystrokes open all of them, but BTT causes only one to be opened.

BTT recognizes the gesture (most of the time), but it reduces the multiple selection to one entry before sending the keystrokes.

There are no crashes or error messages involved.

  • Type of Mac: late 2020 M1 Mac Mini
  • macOS version: Monterey 12.3.1