3-finger tap and 4-finger tap command on trackpad don't work

at the same time, 3-finger sliding down and 4-fingers sliding down and 1-finger right bottom work well.

Mac OS 14.4.1

Seems to work fine here like this:

Did they just stop working with the latest alpha version or have you only tried them now?

They've stopped working with the latest alpha

could you export them and attach here? Maybe something is different than with mine.

(right-click them, then choose "export selected triggers to file")

here you are
3-4-fingers-tap.bttpreset (3.3 KB)

"Unfortunately" they also work when I import them here.

If possible please go to Help => Export Diagnostic Debug Information and send the result to andreas@folivora.ai, maybe some other setting is interfering :-/

I've just reinstalled the btt. Alles klappt schön. Danke!

weird, if it happens again please let me know!

No problem
Glad to help you