3 Finger click gesture issues on Macbook trackpad

I have a 3 finger click gesture configured for Safari and Chrome to send a middle click (i.e. open link in new tab).
This most of the time works, but sometimes doesn't. It instead opens the context menu. (i.e. right click).

Investigating this, I find that when I put 3 fingers on the trackpad and apply a small pressure (as if leading to a click, but not clicking) the context menu opens.

Any idea what is causing this 3 finger right click behavior please?

If I quit BetterTouchTool, this 3 finger pressure tap doesn't happen anymore.
This means it's not an OS or other tool behavior that I'm seeing.
I also checked if I accidentally configured an extra gesture, and I haven't.

Maybe the default pressure setting doesn't match your trackpad 100%. You can try to adjust it in the settings:

Lowering the value will allow the three finger click to work with less pressure.

I've tried that, it didn't feel great. It made the problem go away, but then made 3 finger clicks accidental, whereas I have a few other 3 finger gestures. (For example 3 finger swipe to switch tabs.)

But, here's the thing: when I get the strange right click on 3 finger pressure, there is no click.
What causes a 3 finger pressure to be interpreted as a right click?
The same pressure with 2 fingers doesn't cause the right click, must. have the 3rd finger to trigger.

For some three finger clicks (mostly when they include the thumb) macOS performs a right-click.
Unfortunately there is no good way to determine the exact pressure when macOS decides to do such a right-click (so BTT can block it), that's why BTT works with the mentioned defaults.

Usually the logic to workaround this in BTT works quite well to prevent this right-click from happening, however everybody uses the trackpads in slightly different ways, thus maybe the logic doesn't fit your case good enough.

One workaround could be to add a "3 Finger Clickswipe Left", as soon as a click swipe is configured in BTT, it will block any right click if three or more fingers are touching the trackpad.

Andreas, I don't think this strange right-click is coming from macOS, as it stops happening as soon as I quit BetterTouchTool.
Also it happens without an actual haptic click on the trackpad, so I doubt it's an actual right-click registered by the OS.

Do you see my point?

I'm not sure what you mean about the 3 Finger Clickswipes though.

Is there any way to get BetterTouchTool to tell me what it's registering? Maybe that would help me debug it.

BTT disables the haptic feedback for the system clicks in this case, so it can still come from the system even though no haptic feedback is happening. I can't think of another reason for a right click to happen - especially if it goes away when lowering the sensitivity.

I mean just adding a 3 finger click swipe should prevent the right click from happening regardless of what's causing it:

Yes, via the main menu "View => Show Live View" you can see what BTT is registering

Hi there,

new here and I downloaded three-finger-tap-window-management and I have the same problem I guess like @Triology
It's never accurate enough to be used by me: sometimes the windows are moved. But mostly I get a optional click behavior. :confused:

I am on macOS Ventura on a M1 16" with the really huge Touchpad

I've had the same issue and after reading a lot of suggestions I've disabled the

Mac > Settings > Trackpad

  • Force click & haptic feedback [off]
  • Look up & data detectors [off]

After disabling these settings the 3 finger tap works pretty much instantly.

Interesting. But I can't disable force click as this is a main click now within LogicPro App.