3.807 glitched my pedals.

For a streamdeck and set of pedals, I have everything set to serial number.

I have exactly three buttons for the streamdeck pedals, all set to serial number, and all fixed identifier.

After 3.807 it's adding the paging:

Edit: Not just the paging problem. After 3.807 the working streamdeck buttons stopped working. Plus multiple permission pop-ups for BTT.

The the three pedal buttons were paging even when I removed the presets for all other SD buttons, leaving only the three buttons total for BTT.

I'm currently finishing up 3.808 which should fix various layout issues including this one. Hope to have it ready in 30 min

No worries.
Just reporting because I noticed after the alpha release.

Seems resolved....

I have the pedals default set to F14-16 for short presses (on key up) and F17-19 for long presses, so it's like having a minimum six pedals for every app. Then I can use BTT for watching which app is open, and I don't have to make any additional SD buttons.

I haven't figured out what I want to do for any use that would need a repeating key for now. But for this one function alone, it's been a great help.