2 fingers pinch in/out not working anymore

Mac mini 2011
High Sierra
First v. 3.502, then 3.505

Try to disable & enable pinch to zoom in System Preferences => Trackpad, this usually fixes these things.

That was the first thing i tried in both the latest versions, no avail.
Another thing(not a problem) is that the BTT icon in the menu bar is greyed out, but everythings works in a normal way.

If it's greyed out it usually means BTT is disabled. Doesn't it show a warning in the menubar menu?

Yes it does, but that warning is also greyed out.
It says: "BetterTouchTool is currently disabled(see below)", but there is nothing to see below, and exept for the pinch in/out, everything works just fine. ?

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Solved, stupid me, didn't see "enable BTT...".

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