2 Default Presets

DATE: 24 MAY 2024

  1. Not sure what is meant by "localizations," first of all.
  2. Under the discussion, "Merging 2 Presets," there is the suggestion to copy and merge both presets ... QUESTION: Just how and just where does one "copy" presents. I can EXPORT them, with and wiithout Triggers & Settings; BUT: Just how would one then merge them?
  3. The Two Defaults now showing do complement one another; since, that is, without both being selected -- one preset by itself remains incomplete.
  4. It certainly would be more convenient to merge my 2 Presets, each labeled "Default;" but I do not, respectfully, understand how the presently listed solutions would be either built or applied.
  5. Otherwise, I guess, I shall manually have to port one into the other.

v4.551 (alpha) and higher have a merge option for presets:

Andreas: Thank you for taking the time to respond. I look forward to trying the new version to which you refer.

And compliments upon the brilliance of your software ...