2.428 erased my settings...

Hey guys... so I had bought a license and my 2 year(s) were up. So when it went to update, it wanted me to re-up on the license. Since i didn't have time for that, i thought i'd do it later. I had to revert back to where my license was valid. All of a sudden, nothing is working. I check my settings and everything is gone. I spent a lot of time tweaking stuff so this is a huge deal. How can i get that stuff back?!?!? I do have a time machine backup so i'm hoping that will save me. Thank you all!

That's probably because updating converted the database to a newer format which can not be read by the old version.

If you have a time machine backup, the easiest way is to just restore the contents of this folder: ~/Library/Application Support/BetterTouchTool (the library folder is hidden by default, you can go there by using Finder => Go => Go To Folder, then entering the exact path, including the tilde)

BTT also keeps various backups in that folder, so before doing any experiments create a copy of that folder - worst case I'll be able to restore your data from the backup.

I was able to restore the autobackup that it did... took some messing around but got it working! Now i have to back this up somehow so it never happens again. thanks!