Zoom-in/-out on trackpad MacBook Pro/Catalina

I'm using Photoshop which is kind of weird in that it understands pinch-in/-out gestures in it's main window, but not in the camera raw subwindow (where only Cmd--/Cmd-+ are zooming).
I thought (naively?) that I could define pinch-in/-out in BTT to work as zoom-out/-in in Photoshop by sending Cmd--/Cmd-+ – no result (yes, zooming with 2 fingers IS enabled in system preferences).
However, if I assign 2 finger swipe up/down to Cmd--/Cmd-+, they trigger zoom-out/-in in camera raw.

Is there an explanation for that behavior that I'm missing? Any way to get pinch-in/-out send Cmd--/Cmd-+?