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Intuitively Functional Minimalism: AquaTouch.

AquaTouch is the result of the meticulously controlled balance of function, minimalism, and intuitive design. It fits the most function into the cleanest interface possible, while also keeping it instinctively quick and easy to use.

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Already Available information by the system like Clocks, weather, spotlight, Siri, and controls like volume and brightness are not displayed because you can already access them. Don't clutter the Touch Bar with duplicate controls!

See the clock in the menubar, Hold command-space for Siri. Leave that as it is. Two, three and four finger Touch Bar gestures are used adjust volume, brightness and the keyboard backlight for sightless controls and more space. They are much quicker and easier to reach, they do not require a look to activate and are much more natural to control. They even have haptic feedback, you can literally feel every level the volume goes up.

Quality, complete sets of tools for many apps that do not support the touchbar natively, such as Adobe Illustrator, OneNote and After Effects allow you to increase your workFLOW.

Even websites are supported, Quickly access chats, search for friends and switch between your timeline and other views in Facebook, watch YouTube without using the cursor or format your Google Document with ease, just to name a few.

Don't like the constantly changing TouchBar?

Although AquaTouch is a dynamic preset, it is very carefully designed to be predictable, and puts you in control. It's automatic elements are carefully designed NOT to assume what you want, but instead preset options that don't unexpectedly replace all your current controls.

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AquaTouch only changes when you switch apps, just like the menu bar. It doesn't change when you select something, be it an object or window. Instead, buttons that open groups bring these object or tool specific controls to view. You control what tools you bring up. When opened, these won't close on you, and they're always there for you to open up.

Since it's really predictable, I've managed to develop a muscle memory for each app! for example; When I switch to an app like messenger, the chat switch buttons show up as I remember and I just move my hand up to click them and check the latest chat. When I switch to Adobe Illustrator, I tap the 'Path Tools' group automatically to bring up all my path tools in the TouchBar, already knowing where the button is.
In contrast, Apple's implementation tries to guess what you want, automatically showing you options to change text formatting when you really just want to format a text box.

Take a look at the features I have so far below, or download to discover for yourself!


*Note that the images here are of version 1. Many, many improvements have been made, including the removal of the system 'x' button on the left side.

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and counting...


:white_circle: = Extension Layout
Extension layouts are additional toggles that compliment an app with a native TouchBar layout.
Have easy access to additional functions like:
New plain text document in TextEdit
Starting a screen record, and exporting in QuickTime
Editing songs in iTunes

:large_blue_circle: = Replacement Layout
A complete set that is capable of replacing the native settings, or to be used where no native settings where made

You never knew you needed it.


The AquaTouch Control Strip is a persistent toolbox that is always displayed on the right of the touch bar. It consists of four segments; Media Controls, Schedules, Controls and App Actions.

Web-Specific Tools


With AquaTouch, you now have tools even for websites!
Here's what I have so far:

More Sites and chrome support coming soon!

It's just natural.


No more sliders and buttons you can't feel.
Slide anywhere on the TouchBar to adjust what you always adjust, no looking needed.

Stay immersed, but also informed.


You want to be immersed by games, and Games want to be immersive.
The result: The menubar is hidden. It may be small, but it's annoying that you're not be able to check the time, and battery percentage isn't it?

The basis of AquaTouch.



Thanks for your consideration!
This Preset is under active development, so please suggest features and report any bugs!

Stay up to date and follow this thread as more features will come, and many design changes and refinements will be made.

If you like this preset, Share it with your friends and comrades and also hit the vote button up at the top!

I’d also appreciate some feedback and any improvements that I should make. Feedback keeps me in the know of what to add or fix up for the next versions, and i’m quite lost without it.

AQT Vocabulary
I feel that the “extension set” and “full set” terminology is kind of confusing people here in this forum, so I’ve decided to name them “extension set” and “replacement Set” now.

I'll also slowly change 'Control Strip' to 'AquaTouch strip'

AQT Version Naming Scheme

  • b0.0.0 - indicates that it is a beta. Betas are stable enough to be used daily but may have some bugs and incomlpete features that might not work. It’s the cutting edge version that is quite experimental.
  • v0.0.0 indicates a final stable (afaik) build.
  • X.0.0 - indicates a major redesign in the way AQT works.
  • 0.X.0 - indicates new app support and new features
  • 0.0.X - indicates a bugfix/hotfix release that fixes reported bugs.

“Aqua” is apple’s name for the macOS design language. Much like Google Material Design, it has its principals too.

So theres where the Aqua-Touch name came from!


Terminology Channges


b3.4.0 Download


New Features
Quality Improvements


Consideration Notes


@#.#.# Download


New Features
Quality Improvements


New Features

New Features

Quality Improvements

Bug Fixes


v3.5.0 Download