Would it be possible to trigger certain action once a webpage was fully loaded?

I'd like to execute a series of vim-style keystroke shortcuts to a certain webpage once it finished loading. For now I'm using the "delay next action" as a workaround, but I can't set the delay too long since I want the keystrokes to happen as soon as possible. Is there a way of using the loading status of web pages as a trigger?

I don't think this is possible unless you write some sort of Browser extension that notifies BTT about the finished page load (which might be relatively easy but still requires some code)

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Thank you, Andreas.

I found this Chrome extension which would produce a notification once a tab finished loading. Would this work as a BTT trigger?

If that extension is open source (?) it would be easy to add BTT notifications to it (it would require to be able to trigger a web request). Otherwise it won't help because it can not trigger anything external.