Window Switcher Inconsistently Selects Second Window From List


When using 'Window Switcher' bound to shortcut and using the 'Selected Item' Feature to automatically select the second item in the list, sometimes the window switcher opens but does not select the second item in the list.

Normal behavior - Using shortcut highlights the second window in the list and it can be triggered upon shortcut release.

Intermittent behavior - No windows selected. Have to trigger the shortcut again to get the window to highlight correctly.

That happens if no window is focused. In your screenshot you can see the BTT window buttons are greyed out, that means it is not focused.

In that case BTT can't pre-select the focused window.

Or was BTT in this case focused and just got unfocused when opening the window switcher?

Thanks for the response, what is defined as a 'focused window'? I am new to that concept, or perhaps its straightforward.

I also am not sure what the BTT window buttons being greyed out are? Is that mean they are just not selected? I am not seeing where the grey out is.

I tried it again, and yes you are right it seems to happen mostly when I had BTT open (and focused?) then when window switching it would go unfocused and not be selecting a window. Is that expected behavior?

In testing it am seeing some interesting interaction with the BTT program and what is considered 'last used' as well - sometimes BTT jumps into the last used even though it wasnt. Happens when there are multiple windows of the same program I am cycling through.

BTT itself is complicated to support in the window switcher due to some technical details that will always make it behave a bit weird.

Can you reproduce the issue without interaction from the BTT window?

I have been trying to do so and I can't seem to reproduce it. So yes, it seems it is coming from the interaction with BTT window.