Window Snapping Issue: Unexpected Repositioning When Moving to Corners

I'm experiencing an issue with Resize Window in BetterTouchTool on my Mac. When I try to move a window to a corner of the screen with a shortcut key with a BetterTouchTool function like Resize Window to Top Right Quarter, the other windows are automatically repositioned to the corners of the screen in unexpected ways.

I've already tried the following troubleshooting steps without success:

  1. Updating BetterTouchTool to the latest version
  2. Checking the window snapping settings in BetterTouchTool and turning out it is disabled.

The problem persists despite these attempts. I'm wondering if this could be related to a conflict with macOS's default window management features or if there's a setting I'm overlooking.

My system details:

  • Mac model: MacBook Pro 14 inch November 2023
  • macOS version: Sonoma 14.2
  • BetterTouchTool version: 4.501

Has anyone else encountered a similar issue or have any suggestions for further troubleshooting? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

mhh, are you sure this is even coming from BTT? does the shortcut do nothing if BTT is quit?

BTT‘s resizing actions always only target one specific window, so affecting others would be quite weird

Thank you for your response.
I don't know. This issue might come from Mac OS or Chrome.
I haven't figured out what causes this issue yet.