Window snapping: drag in between two side by side windows to resize both


I use window snapping a lot and love it's current implementation, but there's one thing that would make it so much faster and easier for me: the ability to resize two (or more) windows that are tiled next to each other at the same time by click/dragging on their shared border, rather than having to resize one, then the other to fill the rest of the space.

Skip to 3:25 of this video showing how this is done in Windows 10:

Is there a technical or legal reason why none of the window snapping apps on mac support this?

Some tiling window mangers have a similar tool on Mac but I'd love the simplicity of vanilla window snapping with this feature, since I resize windows like this so often needing two click drags instead of one, or more if I have e.g. one app taking the left half of the screen and two taking up the right half quarters.