Why the Setapp BTT version is always outdated?

The version of BTT in Setapp is stay in 3.151 (Which is not working after Mac sleep) ,I really want to update to fixed this bug version,this bug Seriously affect my use,when I click the icon of BTT ,that show safe version is 3.169 ,Hmm Online wait,So Hurry

3.151 is the latest stable release, unfortunately Setapp doesn't support alpha or beta versions (feedback to SetApp would be great, I'd love to upload alpha versions there!). The next stable release is however almost ready, 3.169 is slowly being rolled out to more users and if everything goes well I'll upload it as stable 3.170 later today.

The after seep issue should go away after switching to a different application once.

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I just got a subscription to Setapp two days ago. And it seems like MacPaw includes betas of CleanMyMac through Setapp by way of bundling the beta features into their stable releases behind an "enable beta features" checkbox.

I wonder if something like this would be possible with BTT? To release stable versions with no changes to the stable features and only beta feature updates, but they'd be the same app package, and you would simply have an "enable alpha features" toggle instead of the "check for alpha version updates".

That doesn't work for BTT, it would mean every change I make would need to be behind flags - and there are always many changes. This would make the code a big mess :slight_smile:

Basically this only works if you have completely new features that are just not ready to be used yet (like I did with the new UI for a while). When fixing bugs and improving features, this is not feasible.

Btw. 3.170 is now on setapp