why does the shortcut (move to left/right space) not work?

Keyboard shortcut does nor work.
Could you help me please.

do you have multiple desktops open? (The shortcut does only work if there are more than one desktops open in mission control)

Yes, there are more than one desktops. Meanwhile other shortcuts work. Only control left/control and right combination don't work.

I tried many things, but I couldn't figure out where the problem came from. Also, this shortcut is not working when I set this shortcut in the system preferences of Mojave (keyboard shortcut settings)

Ah that's interesting.
Maybe some other app is "stealing" the shortcut? Possibly try to quit every app one after each other to check that.

BTT basically just triggers the system preferences shortcut, ao id that doesn't work it also won't work in BTT.

Dear Hegenberg,

Thank you very much for your help. Can you comment on this?

switch to desktop 1/2 action works fine when I assign shortcut to (control and left/right). However move to left/right space/desktop actions do not work for similar shortcut :slight_smile: