White box around screen, app switching & 2-finger swipe don't work, key presses produce unwanted functions

I installed BTT and set up only three simple (but very useful for my audio editing) trackpad actions: two actions triggered by 2-finger tip-taps, and one triggered by a 2-finger-down-1-finger-click action. However, now:

  • on certain pointer actions (nearing the top of the screen?), a white-bordered box appears around the entire screen
  • two finger swipe (to go forward and back when browsing) no longer works
  • app switching (using command-tab) no longer works
  • standard command-(key press) - such as command-P to print, command-W to close a window - don't produce the normal result, but rather some alternate function.

Quitting BTT fixes all these issues. I'd really like to be able to use BTT - it could save a LOT of extra movement during editing. I imagine I can fix the 2-finger swipe by changing my 2-finger tip-tap to a 3-finger function (so long as it doesn't interfere with 3-finger drag, which I use all the time) - but there's nothing I did that I can imagine would cause the other problems. There are no other actions set up anywhere in BTT.

The first one could be the window snapping feature which is active by default (drag windows to the top / left / right edge to resize the window. This can be disabled in the settings.

Three finger drag is pretty problematic, because it modifies many of the core functions of the trackpad. BTT has a compatibility mode for that, but various things don't work correctly if the system's accessibility three finger drag is used:

The keyboard related ones are not normal though.
Command tab would only be overriden if you configured this in the keyboard shortcuts section in BTT, same for other standard commands

Are you sure you only see your trackpad gestures if you choose "All Configured Triggers Overview" in BTT?

The solution in your image seemed to resolve the 3-finger drag issue, and you were right about window snapping . The remaining issues mysteriously disappeared, but after a restart came back again. I did confirm that my three trackpad gestures are my only configurations in BTT.