what is tiptap left, centre, middle, 2 finger fix?

I use tiptap 1 finger fix frequently on my trackpad, one finger is on the pad the other taps to the left or right, easy enough, but when I try to do 2 finger fix, which I assumed means you hold 2 fingers to the pad and tap to the left or right or middle of them with another, it doesn't do anything at all. I used volume mute as easy test.

am I getting the finger gestures wrong? maybe my macbook is too old to register this, macbook air 2012 catalina 10.15.6

these triggers would be useful to me because I'm running out of comfortable triggers to control my mac.

edit: I watched a video, they're what I thought they were, but for some reason they don't work at all, or 2 finger swipes, frustrating, help appreciated.

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