What is this search bar?

Hi there,

Lately this search bar has been popping up whenever I start BTT or wake my Macbook from an extended sleep. It doesn't seem to do anything (typing in it does nothing) and I can't figure out what it's for or how to disable it?


It looks like the predefined action "Ask for Input (Save to Variable)":

Maybe you have configured that somewhere in BTT?

Thanks for getting back to me. I've tried a couple of things based on your advice:

  1. I looked through all the actions I have and couldn't find it. I also exported all my presets and grepped the export file for the words "input" and "var" but found nothing.
  2. I added the "Ask For Input, Save To Variable" action to a trigger just to see it, and you're right it is that window that's appearing.

I'm scratching my head now... Any ideas?

Is it maybe set up for a specific application? If you want you can export your preset and send it to andreas@folivora.ai, then I can have a look!

I've emailed you the preset, but actually I think I figured it out. No idea where this action/trigger came from, but disabling it stops the search bar from appearing.

oh that's actually a bug that happens if no script is defined for the "Execute Shell Script / Task" action, in that case it falls through to the next action (which is "ask for user input").
Will fix this!