Weird Touch Bar bug...

So BTT has been doing some really scary thing recently, and I was wondering if anyone else had the same problems, and how to fix it.
Every time I open BTT (not the app, just the touch bar), I get this:

No matter what I press, it still happens the next time, over and over.
Then, my touch bar looks like this:

This is not what my touch bar should look like.
Then, I try to open the BTT app, and I get the message in the first picture again.
Then, I click on any of the buttons and the app opens. And as you can see in the video below, The 'Apps' section has gone all disorganised (just the app section, nothing else)

Then, I'd wait a day with BTT quit, and I'd open it, and it would be back to normal again.

Now, I feel like you're gonna suggest uninstalling the app and reinstalling it, but I don't know my code anymore, and I get a lot of emails a day, the install code thing would be buried very deep..

How can I stop this bug from happening? It's really annoying, considering my preset is now shared on the site, and I need to be working on it.

sounds like you have multiple versions of BTT installed and one of them is not inside of your applications folder :wink:

how do I check this?

If it happens again, open the BTT preferences window so the dock icon will appear. Then cmd+click on the Dock icon (this will open the folder where the running BTT app is located).

Maybe you have a copy in your downloads folder?

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Look at that! You're right! So which one should I delete... does it matter?

The older one :slight_smile:
(you have probably sometimes accidentally launched the older one, which has loaded some old config of yours)


you're a god..This worked! thanks heaps :DDD

and thanks for super fast reply

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