Weather widget setup

This might be the stupidest question and quite honestly I spent some time googling this but didn't find an answer.
I'm new to BBT. I'm trying to set up my bar and for the life of me I keep adding the weather widget but nothing happens. Is it because ALL icons must be set up?


You can either set no icons (then it will use the defaults), or you can set all. Setting only some icons will not work.

Also make sure BetterTouchTool has permissions to access your location if you are using the auto-location feature. (System Preferences => Security & Privacy => Privacy => Location Services )

Location services solved it. Thank you!

have to refloat this. New to BTT too. I check the weather widget but nothing shows up on the Touch Bar. Do I have to set a special action? I am clueless. Date and Time did work (:-))

Did you follow the step described above?

yes, location is enabled

Mh then it should work unless the location can not be retrieved for some reason. Maybe try to provide the location manually in the widget settings.
Possibly also try to just delete and re-add the widget.

ok, but nothing is showing, not even an empty button

In your screenshot you have disabled "Automatically obtain approximate location" but not provided a valid longitude,latitude value.

with enabled also no working, when I check the dark spy website they show Lima, Lima

Seems to be my ip Adress. At a Friends House it Worked. Back Home again no data. When setting longitudes and altitude it Works now.