Weather: How to pass location to Dark Sky

Hi Guys,

Quick question: How do I pass my location to Dark Sky when I click on the weather forecast?

Details: The weather touchbar is working properly and giving me the correct forecast. But when I click on the forecast tool, it gives me the default Brooklyn, NY weather report. Nowhere near where I live.

I have location services enabled for BTT. Any ideas?


AQT just opens the darksky link so I'd need to look into how to input into it...

Right now i'm quite busy though so I'm not sure when this can be done

Hi there! I've been using AquaTouch for a couple of weeks and has been awesome, thank you!
I have one question, can I change the units of temp. from F to C?

yep. on the strip on the left, click Open QuickControls --> QuickSchedules then click on the weather widget at the bottom. now on the right, find the button that says 'Unit' and select Celsius.