Warning: rant. Please, more bug fixing, fewer new features

I love BetterTouchTool for what it can do.
I hate it for all the bugs.
Like Apple, I really wish the BetterTouchTool devs would focus on fixing all the bugs rather than adding features.
I can't think of many features that aren't flaky. There are features that have been "experimental" for years.
Please, do your users a favor and spend a year fixing everything before adding more features.


I'm non-stop working on fixing & improving things. Closing this as it's not a bug report - if you have bugs to report, please do so!

I can only find one bug report (and/or comment on bugs) from you, which is for the very experimental sync feature - which will soon be replaced by something much better.

If anything new features help to reduce bugs & improve the general stability of BetterTouchTool. For example the amount of things I fixed in other areas of BTT while implementing the new floating menus is huge.

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