want to use pinch out and in to hold command and option and scroll the mouse up

hey, I have been using btt for a while, one piece of software I use it for extensively is called bitwig. They just made it so zooming in and out on the timeline is done by holding command and option and scrolling up. But I would love if I could use pinch to trigger this behavior. Any ideas how I might do that?

so pinwell. bitwig lets you custom your own hotkeys/triggers . its probably easier to change the seting for what you need. otherwise you can set a gesture to trigger holding the modifier keys but then you'd use 2 fingers to scroll. apples native scrolling gesture is already perfect so there wasnt really a change to it. its possible to script something for it but you risk over scrolling and unwanted commands. so you could have 2 finger click/ force click hold down the modifiers and scroll to engage zoom. if you play arround with it and figgure out what trigger counts for scroll i can work that infor you es: up arrow 3 times to go up 3 lines. i

it should let you switch zoom in on timeline to say F1. then you can bind that key to any gesture including pinching.

yeah I actually did that but its not as smooth because it is incremented, as it is when I hit the comand option scroll up thing so, so I was looking to make it feel the same as command option scroll up. Anyhow maybe I need to to try and finesse it a bit more.

is there a way to have the command re trigger over and over again as I pinch?

definitely dont do that. retriggering is gonna have you overshoot or undershoot. ill show you how to retrigger at the end of this if you need ti for something else. im pretty sure im the only one that has set btt up this way.

are you on a macbook touchpad or the magic touch?

either way you have to work around 2fingers scrolling so you can set a gesture to press and hold opt and cmd. its best to use it exclusively so ifyou use 2fingerclicks then you shouldnt have anything else any other 2finger click gestures like crtl + 2 finger click. you may use anything like 5 finger clicks/ .

make a triggercalledtrigger on the others section and have opt key p and cmd key up. name it anything. this is to release the triggers when your edone with your gesture. on the touchpad gestures page make a 2 finger click and change the 2 click settings for the gesture and in the last box type in the gesture name you made for trigger named trigger. and set the delay to 1 second. and then add opt key down and cmd key down.
this way when you click with 2 fingers btt will hold down opt and command. you dont have to release the click but you dont have to hold it. then just scroll like regular. this way when you let go and dont touch the pad for 1 second it will release the modifiers. if you touch it itll reset to 1.

you can see if holding down cmd and opt will work when pinching. if it does i can give you new instructions. in the settings part for trigerbytrigger theres a option to repeat while your eholding down the touchpad. thats for retriggering. if anything doesnt work i can go voer the settings with you. if you left eveyrthing default you just need to turn off 2 flinger fclick and secondary clicks in osx pfrreferences. and if the modifiers get stuck in the down position juts flick 2 fingers again and it should go up after 1 second. i had you configure everything backwards and set up the release before th epress and hold in case of this. sorry long explanation, but noone else has it set up to have concurent and conditional modifiers lie me so its kinda hard to explain.

and most of the time the system ends in a endless loop or the nodifiers get suck in down position. i did a lotta trial and error.

thanks for the reply now it it seems to be sticking in the loop. I made the mistake of saying it was command option it is actually control option. but it seems to stick with control down. I am not sure it is ever triggering the named trigger... I put an hud action to show a little cowboy emoji after it gets to the end of the named trigger and that never happens.... any thoughts?

change the gesture to 2 finger force click. have control be the first key go down and in triggers have control be the first key to go up. so have opt up as the attached action for both of them. that should fix it. the native macos 2 finger click is canceling out the trigger. and control is just tricky. make sure the triggernamedtrigger matches perfectly . its case sensitive.

if it still doesnt work you can reassign it to 3click or 4 clicks, add hud or vibration feedback to each step and see where its messing up. but i tested it and the changeshould work. its a good idea to have a backupsafetyfailsafe kinda gesture though. holding it down would cycle through and remove all modifiers and doublle tapping restart btt.

theres a couple more gestures if this doesnt work still. im just picking the ones that are done with the least amount of work and feels the most natural.