Want to downgrade to BTT 2.701

Been using BTT for about 4 years on a Mac Mini currently running High Sierra 10.13.6
I only scratch the very surface of the all the capabilities that BTT offers, but that's all I need.
Sometime in the last couple of months copy/paste functionality has been totally wacko on my computer.
I think I can remedy the situation by simply downgading back to the last BTT version I know that still worked fine.

I've found the site where all old version are available.
Question is: how do I preserve my BTT settings (a prefs file somewhere hopfully?) and can I easily import them in the older version? Simple case of replacing a prefs file of newly installed old version with the prefs file from the version I have on the computer now?

Compatibility is only ensured when using older settings in newer versions. Setups created in a new version may or may not work in an older version. Your best shot is to use the manage presets => export and import functionality.
Just downgrading will restore the settings to what they were when you used that version the last time on your machine. (as BTT keeps the old setup when migrating to a new version)

However there hasn't been a change I can think of related to clipboard management (and 2.701 is still very recent)

Thanks for the superfast reply!
If BTT keeps separate settings files, that's perfect.
Ill uninstall the current version and re-install the older. Hopefully that will fix my situation, because I am not 100% sure that the issue was indeed caused by BTT. It's just that the symptoms make me suspect that...
I'll update with results here.


Copy and paste is indeed not working. I think it’s because you remove those shortcuts from the menubar (new UI) when using the old UI