Volume widget does not run the action button


You can assign an action to the volume widget but this action is never run. Would it be possible to run it?
(I guess the best is after that you have finished to slide it).



PS: that action does not trigger on version 2.503 on my macbook pro 15 inc with touchbar

I second this. See use case here:

This generally also concerns the display brightness slider.

I think the action should run immediately when the slider is touched—basically in parallel to the under-the-hood volume/brightness action. The user can then set "(Re-)Trigger assigned action after sliding" if repeated executions are desired. Executing only after letting go off the slider would mean that you could leave your finger on it for several seconds without anything being executed (e. g. a corresponding Mute widget being updated to show that volume isn't muted anymore), which would be confusing.

I'll fix this tomorrow.


This should now work in v2.520 alpha.
If you assign an apple script you can also add a function to it like this, which will be called with the slider value:

on bttWidgetSliderMoved(newSliderValue)
    tell application "VLC"
        set current time to (duration of current item * newSliderValue)
    end tell
end bttWidgetSliderMoved

Excellent work as expected. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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