VLC will not quit


Since I own BTT, I have not been able to quit VLC when BTT is active. I cmd-Q the app, and it just restarts.
I use the latest alpha, and Aquatouch (currently 3.5.0).

Is there a setting I should look at, or is this a bug?


Hi @stoutjesdijk

This is an AQT issue.
Try updating to the latest AQT (3.5.2). I added some fixes there but VLC still seems to be a bit stubborn. You might still need to fight it to get it to close. Overall VLC isn’t co-operating with BTT very well and I’m still trying to find a fix.

But anyway, I’d highly recommend moving to IINA over VLC, as it’s just much better than VLC for general media consumption.


Thanks @yuuiko I will try the new version.
A little off topic, but what is better about the media handling of IINA?

Pretty much the UI, it plays back media just fine like VLC does, but has a better UI. I haven't needed to go back to VLC for anything apart from media conversion.

Yeah it looks like quicktime but has much more functions like EQ, subtitle settings, video settings, playback speed, URL streaming support and other stuff. I also haven’t come across a media file it couldn’t open.

I also like its music mode, the neat little window with playlist is great for listening to video or audio files as music

Its free and also pretty small package, why not try it out?